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On which weekdays Prof. Dr. İbrahim ULMAN has outpatient clinics?

On Mondays and Tuesdays, he examines his patients by appointment in his private office. Call +90.232.465 1881 for appointment. 

On which weekdays Prof. Dr. İbrahim ULMAN performs his surgical operations??

He performs surgeries on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

How much time does he devote to the examination and checkup?

Prof. Dr. İbrahim ULMAN arranges his examination appointments for every 30 minutes. This period may be extended when necessary for patients with multiple complicated problems.

What should I do if he asks for some diagnostic tests?

Depending on your child's problem, Prof. Dr. İbrahim ULMAN may request some of the following tests. Most of these tests can be done quickly at the imaging centers or laboratories in the same day of your appointment. The results are evaluated by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ulman and the treatment is planned accordingly. Bringing your child's previous tests and images with you to the examination will prevent unnecessary tests.

   UA (Full urinalysis)
   Urine culture and antibiogram
   Hemogram (Complete blood count)
   Kidney function tests (blood urea, creatinine, etc.)
   Urinary system Ultrasound and color Doppler
   VCUG (voiding cystourethrography): bladder film with urinary catheter
   DMSA kidney scintigraphy
   MAG-3 diuretic renogram

    Uro MR (Magnetic resonance Imaging of the urinary system)

    Uro CT (Computed tomography Imaging of the urinary system)
   IVU (IVP= intravenous pyelography/urography)

Does Prof. Dr. Ibrahim ULMAN do ultrasound examination himself?

Ultrasound is an extremely important examination that enters the field of radiology, which is a different specialty of medicine. A good quality ultrasound exam is dependent on both the knowledge and experience of the ultrasonographer, and the technology of the device used. Therefore, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim ULMAN receives support from experienced radiology and nuclear medicine specialists for ultrasound and all other imaging requirements, and due to their good collaboration, the tests are performed and the results obtained the same day in most instances.

In which hospital Prof. Dr. İbrahim ULMAN performs his surgical operations?

Prof. Dr. İbrahim ULMAN works with the best Level-3, JCI accredited private hospitals of İzmir. You can choose the hospital for your child's surgery by talking to him.

How long will my child stay in the hospital before and after surgery?

This period varies according to the surgery to be performed. A hospital stay is not usually necessary before surgery. Hospitalization is done on the day of surgery and most of the patients are sent home on the same day. Operations such as hypospadias, undescended testis, hydrocele, hernia, circumcision, endoscopic reflux treatment are examples to this. For many other surgeries, the length of stay varies between 1-3 days. Your child will stay in a private room and with his family during his stay.

How long does my child need to fast before surgery?
  • Water and clear fruit juices w/o pulp (apple, cherry) can be given up to 2 hours before the surgery.

  • Breast milk can be given up to 3 hours before the surgery.

  • All other foods (including formulas) can be given up to 6 hours before the surgery.

  • Fasting overnight is not suitable for children.

  • If you have further questions, please call +.90 (232) 465 1881.

Does Turkish Social Insurance System SGK pay for your treatment expenses?

The SGK only covers the surgery and treatment expenses incurred by the hospitals that make agreements by accepting their own package prices and by the full-time staff working in these hospitals. It is impossible to provide a quality health service in today's conditions with these unrealistic package prices determined unilaterally by SGK.

I have private insurance, can I benefit from it?

Of course you can use it. For details please call +90 (232) 465 1881.

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