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Inguinal Region Diseases (Hernia, Hydrocele, Varicocele)

Swelling in the groin area is among the most common surgical problems in children from infancy. The hernia presents as a swelling in the right inguinal region, which appears with movements such as crying and straining and disappears when pushed by hand. The reason for the formation of inguinal hernia is that a canal that extends from the abdomen to the bags and should be closed after birth is not closed. If only intra-abdominal fluid passes through this channel and causes swelling in the bag and around the testis, it is called hydrocele (Figure 3 a). If the canal is left wide open, the abdominal organs (intestines, ovaries in girls, even the tubes) will pass through the canal first, and if it goes further, they go down to the bags and there is a visible swelling from the outside. In this case, it is called a hernia. Since there is a risk of suffocation and gangrene of the organs passing through the canal in hernia, it should be surgically corrected as soon as possible. Since there is a high chance of spontaneous passing in hydrocele, surgery is not performed before 2-3 years of age. The canal is sometimes closed from above and below, but a fluid-filled cyst remains in the middle. This condition, which is seen as a hard mass in the groin area, is called cord hydrocele or cord cyst. Its treatment is like hydrocele. The surgical treatments of these diseases are the same, and the open canal in the groin is closed. When the surgery is performed by the experts, it is a safe procedure that takes a short time and the patient does not need to stay in the hospital, he is sent home the same day. Varicocele, which manifests as a swelling in the left groin of mostly boys in adolescence, is the varicose of the testicular veins. Apart from cosmetically bad appearance, it is thought to be a cause of infertility in a small part of it, so it is corrected by surgery in severe types. If the testicular dimensions are normal (varicocele may delay the growth of the testis), if there is no pain complaint and if it does not cause psychic problems, it is preferred not to be operated on in childhood.

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