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Urinary Incontinence
(Incontinence, Enuresis)

Urinary incontinence while awake after 3 years of age and during sleep after 5 years of age is among the most common urological complaints in children. The majority of them are only in the form of urination during sleep and there is no serious discomfort in the child. However, incontinence while awake is different and is usually caused by significant functional or anatomical disorders of urinary control in the child. Anatomical disorders can be very diverse and most are congenital. Functional disorders can be seen mostly in girls and between the ages of 6-10, in the form of frequent urination, urinary incontinence, and patients who have to constantly tie a diaper. Since these can also cause urination during sleep, families may think that they will go away on their own over time, as in many children with sleep urination problems. However, the existing disorder can cause urinary tract infections, disorders related to high pressure in the kidney, and psychic disturbances. In this case, in centers dealing with pediatric urology, some tests, especially pressure studies called urodynamics, will reveal the disorder and some are treated with drugs, some with urination training, and some with surgical interventions. If only urination during sleep (enuresis) is present, 70-80% of enuresis can be treated with behavioral treatments such as rewards, alarm devices, which can be applied from the age of 6, or some drugs that expand the bladder or reduce urine output.

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