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Other Urinary System Disorders

Double renal collecting systems (duplex system), stenosis (ureterovesical stenosis) at the end of the duct that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder or cyst-shaped sac (ureterocele), failure to form the anterior bladder wall and anterior abdominal wall (bladder exstrophy), a congenital barrier in the urinary tract from the bladder to the penis There are also some congenital anomalies, such as occlusion (posterior urethral valve), which are less common, but most of them can be recognized before birth and their treatments are very specific.


In some of these diseases, it is not possible to fully recover, and some of them start life with more congenital kidney failure. A bladder-like reservoir is surgically created by using some parts of the digestive system, especially the small intestine, for children who do not have a bladder of sufficient size and functioning at normal pressure. These children often do not have normal voiding function, instead they regularly empty their bladders with a catheter (a thin plastic tube) every 3-4 hours to avoid persistent urinary incontinence, and their kidneys are working at safe pressure levels. This process is called clean intermittent catheter (ICC) application.

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