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What is Pediatric Urology and In Which Complaints Should a Pediatric Urology Specialist Be Applied?

Pediatric urology is a branch of medicine that deals with the kidneys and urinary tracts of children aged 0-18.

Many of the diseases that Pediatric Urology deals with have an insidious course and do not show any symptoms until late. However, one of the developments in the field of medicine in recent years has changed this situation positively. In the ultrasounds performed on pregnant women, the baby's abnormalities can be detected by experienced people, and the baby can be taken under control as soon as it is born and the necessary treatment can be taken. Some diseases show symptoms at birth and treatment is started immediately. Others can be seen at any age throughout childhood. Below is a list of symptoms that should be referred to a physician dealing with pediatric urology.

  • Detection of kidney, bladder, urinary tract, and genital disorders in the baby in the prenatal ultrasound done to the mother (renal enlargement is detected in one out of every 100 pregnant women, but the person performing the ultrasound must have received special training)

  • Difficulty urinating in newborns or at later ages, pipi, abnormal appearance of bags, swelling, urination hole on the underside of the penis, gender uncertain, swelling in the groin, mass observed, absence of testicles in bags, abnormally large testicles, testicular discoloration (bruising, excessive If there is redness, pain, the situation is urgent!)

  • Voiding disorders (fine voiding, burning, bloody voiding, intermittent voiding)

  • Urinary incontinence (day or night), urination during sleep

  • Frequent urinary tract infections (voiding difficulty, frequent urination, fever), detection of reflux (urinary reflux from the bladder to the kidney) in the examinations

  • Flank pain (in the kidney area)

  • Mass in the kidney area

  • Penile deformities (urinating from below, curved urination, penile curvature)

  • Faulty, complicated circumcisions

  • kidney stones

The above symptoms may be symptoms of diseases with the following medical names:

  • hydronephrosis

  • Vesicoureteral reflux

  • Hypospadias - Epispadias

  • Inguinal canal pathologies (Hernia, Undescended testis, Hydrocele, Varicocele)

  • incontinence

  • enuresis

  • Voiding dysfunction (Urodynamic pathologies)

  • Circumcision errors

  • Duplication anomalies

  • ureterocele

  • Urogenital system tumors

  • Posterior urethral valve

  • Bladder and cloaca exstrophy

  • Intersex

  • neuropathic bladder

  • urinary system stones

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